Our History

Centro de Entrenamiento Industrial y Minero –CEIM, is a leading technical training organization in the development of labor competencies and the formation of qualified human capital that was born under the name of Colegio Técnico Escondida, responding to the need that Minera Escondida required in the 1990s. However, the positive impact of the training role was such that it allowed the opening to the entire mining ecosystem, allowing us to establish links with the entire mining industry in Chile and extrapolating our work to other productive sectors. Always with an avant-garde and innovative seal.

CEIM's objective is to be a leader in offering training services for the mining industry based on the development of labor competencies of the Mining Sector Qualifications Framework (MCM), delivered with excellence, safety and competitiveness.

We are a unique institution, there is no other CEIM in the country. There is no other human capital training center that serves as a dynamic agent of change and social transformation, born, grows and develops from the region of Antofagasta for the whole country.


Our misión is to be a leader in offering training and competency development services required by the mining industry in order to support its progress and sustainability.


We seek to become a world reference in the development of labor competencies for the industry, a contribution to the country’s growth.

CEIM’s board of directors and team